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Commercial Loans

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The Cheyenne & Arapaho Community Development Corporation (CACDC) distinguishes itself from traditional banking institutions through unique strategies. First, it applies a more flexible approach to credit analysis, often reducing the upfront capital required from business proprietors. It also offers the possibility of a longer amortization period, enabling more tailored repayment schedules. But most crucially, CACDC extends vital technical assistance to help entrepreneurs cultivate the skills necessary to keep their businesses solvent and profitable.

CACDC provides funding for a range of business needs, such as:

  • Commercial real estate acquisition
  • Commercial real estate refurbishment
  • Equipment procurement
  • Inventory stocking
  • Supplies procurement
  • Provision of working capital

CACDC is committed to nurturing businesses across the spectrum, offering loans starting as low as $5,000 in its portfolio. On the upper end, CACDC can independently provide loan financing up to $300,000. For credit requests beyond this figure, CACDC can aid in the process, although it will require partnerships with other financial entities.

Commercial Building
Small Commercial Building

Training & Financial Services

Business Training

Business Training

In our pursuit to deliver the highest quality services, we have formed alliances with numerous agencies throughout the state. Our objective is to provide premier training, informative workshops, and beneficial networking opportunities. Our partners are committed to providing personalized consultation or workshop instruction, effectively empowering you to:

  • Conduct comprehensive market research
  • Develop a robust business plan
  • Efficiently structure your business
  • Secure necessary financing
  • Establish a solid accounting system
  • Effectively manage your workforce

Remember, our primary objective at CACDC is to finance your business endeavors, connecting you with the right agency for business consulting.

Financial Education & Credit Counseling

We are ready and eager to assist you in overcoming financial hurdles and enhancing your life! The counseling sessions and workshops provided by us aim to equip you with the tools necessary to confidently manage your finances. Our environment is nurturing and unbiased, while our solutions are pragmatic and applicable. Contact us today to schedule your appointment with one of our certified credit counselors.

Business Training
Business Training

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